Megan Carey

The emotional story of a young Irish girl who immigrates to Upper Canada during the potato famine of the 1840s. After losing their mother to dysentery on the long journey, Megan and her brother, Tom, find themselves jobs on a farm in rural Ontario. Tom gets hired as a farmhand but in order to keep his sister with him she must become indentured as a servant in the farmer’s house. The work is hard, and the days long. The siblings begin to fear they face an even more difficult struggle in the New World than in the Old. One day Tom deserts Megan for a better job in the city. She remains behind as a servant but is determined to prevail; eventually realizing that Canada is a land of opportunity. She longs for a future, despite the hard uncertainty of ever achieving her own good fortune.


Created by


Kevin Sullivan & Trudy Grant


Kevin Sullivan & David Wilkinson


Kevin Sullivan 

Key Cast

Siobhan Jameson, Mike Westgate, Barry Flatman