Kevin Sullivan


President, Kevin Sullivan, has created over 300 hours of television and movies over a 35-year career. His work has been praised for its visual beauty, strong-storytelling and fine acting. As the writer, producer and director of much of his company's library he has established a strong brand with a devoted global following for some of the best evergreen content available today.

Trudy Grant


Trudy Grant has a 30+ year track record of producing award-winning films and TV shows and spearheading the recognition of those shows in the international marketplace. She was also the driver behind starting the company’s online shopping marketplace and streaming platform.

Alison Haskovec

Head of Film & Television

Alison Haskovec joins Sullivan from the Original Independent Film Group at Netflix, where she specialized in family films, including Feel the Beat and Nightbooks. Prior to that, she was SVP Development and Production at Silvertongue Films, shepherding beloved Scholastic properties to the big screen, such as Clifford the Big Red Dog and Goosebumps. Currently living in Los Angeles, Alison volunteers for the Young Storytellers organization. She is a graduate of Harvard College.

Taylor Cumming

Head of Business Affairs & Corporate Development

Taylor Cumming heads the company’s business affairs team, international distribution, online growth, and social media opportunities. Before joining Sullivan Entertainment, she spent 7 years in New York investment banking and entertainment-related corporate development roles. Taylor has a JD/MBA from Cornell University.