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Over its 30-year history, Sullivan Entertainment’s productions have been praised for their visual beauty, powerful story-telling and breakout acting.

Founder, Kevin Sullivan, established a strong visual style in writing, producing, and directing historical dramas that have maintained a timeless global-appeal. The Company owns and operates its own studio and period backlot. Sullivan’s versatility extends to co-producing On-and-Off-Broadway shows such as "Funny Girl" (2023) and "Between the Lines" (2022).

The company's films and television series capture elegant, nostalgic worlds, imbued with romanticism, wit and magic-realism, that explore themes of resilience, community, humanity and hope through cinematic, immersive female-driven stories told with authenticity and emotion.

Company Co-Founder Trudy Grant’s online retail businesses and proprietary video-on-demand streaming platform, GazeboTV, allow fans to watch Sullivan’s library of movies and series across all devices, including iOS, Apple TV, Android, Roku and Amazon.

Our Productions

Our Awards

Sullivan has won hundreds of international awards, including several Prime Time Emmy Awards, a Peabody Award for outstanding contribution to television, the Prix Jeunesse Award, as well as numerous Canadian Screen and CableACE awards.

1 George Foster Peabody Award

5 Primetime Emmy Awards
(17 additional nominations)

1 Daytime Emmy

1 American Television Critics Award

6 CableACE Awards
(17 additional nominations)

46 Canadian Screen Awards (Geminis)
(8 additional nominations)

5 TV-Guide Most Popular Program Awards

1 TV-Guide Parent’s Choice Award

1 Prix Jeunesse

1 Ollie Award

2 Hugo Awards—Chicago Film Festival

2 Grand Awards—Houston Film Festival

2 Grand Awards—New York Film & TV