By Way of the Stars

Based on the popular Y/A German novel The Long Journey of Lukas B, this epic western limited series follows a teenager, Lucas Bienmann (Zachary Bennett - Road to Avonlea), in a 19th-century German town who witnesses a murder by a ruthless local Count. The Count frames Lucas' father for the crime, and after helping his father escape, Lucas flees in his father’s wake. He journeys to America, hoping to reach the home of his estranged grandfather. On a turbulent journey across the Atlantic, he is befriended by the Count’s sister and her daughter, Ursula (Gema Zamprogna - Road to Avonlea). When the Countess dies onboard the ship, the teens are forced to make their way through the treacherous wilderness and across the savage American frontier before Ursula finds true love and Lucas is reunited with his family.


Created by


Kevin Sullivan & Trudy Grant


Deborah Nathan, Marlene Matthews


Allan King 

Key Cast

Zachary Bennett, Gema Zamprogna, Christian Kohlund, Dominique Sanda, Jan Rubes